Combi cutter Metos CC-34

4192712 | Combi cutter Metos CC-34

- combi model of vegetable preparation machine and vertical
- two safety switches
- motor is protected from over heating
- base of aluminium, vegetable preparation attacment with
feed head made of polycarbonate, vertical cutter with
stainless steel bowl with lid and scraper made of polysulfone
- the nachine is equipped with the automatic speedd setting
senses whether the feed head or bowl is attached. During
cutting with the feed head the machine operates at approx.
500 rpm in position ´´I´´ on the starting handle and approx.
800 rpm in position ´´II´´, and during chopping with the bowl
approx. 1500 rpm in position ´´I´´ and approx.3000 rpm in
position ´´II´´
- the pulse function operates at 800 rpm during cutting with the
feed head and at 3000 rpm during chopping with the bowl, in
´´P´´ position
- feed head volyme 0,9 litres
- diameter of feed tube 53 mm
- gross volume of bowl: 3 litres
- net volume of bowl, free-flowing liquid: 1,5 litres
- capacity: 10 - 80 portions/day
- disc stand
Extra accessorie: (will be charged separately)
- cutting discs
- disc stand

Product number4192712
Product nameCombi cutter Metos CC-34
Size mm (w * d * h)223 * 424 * 495
Capacity10-80 portion per day
Technical information
230 V, 10 A, 1,0 kW, 1N, 50 Hz
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