Combi kettle Proveno 3G 100S

4222926 | Combi kettle Proveno 3G 100S

The mixing combi-kettle Metos Proveno with intelligent features is fully
manufactured in Finland. Reliable automation takes care of routine food
production without constant care and monitoring. The programming and
recipe organizing is truly easy now. The device, which can be customized
according to the user needs, has unlimited programming options and
customizable user settings.

Proveno 100: Gross volume 111 litres, net volume 100 litres, foaming
space volume 11 litres.

Thanks to the optimized ergonomics, it is easy to use, easy to clean and
hygienic. Energy efficiency makes the Metos Proveno kettle user
friendly, safe and economically viable professional kitchen equipment.
The device is securely attached to the floor and meets all international
and EU safety standards.

The control panel of the Metos Proveno is fully raised, with a highly
visible and clear digital interface that is protected from bumps and
steam from the kettle. All parts that become dirty in everyday use are
easily removable without special tools and are cleaned using a
dishwasher. The removable mixing tool is easy to clean and fitted with
detachable teflon scrapers. The quick release stainless steel lid has a


Product number4222926
Product nameCombi kettle Proveno 3G 100S
Size mm (w * d * h)1154 * 720 * 900/1535
Capacity100 litres
Technical information
230 V, 10 A, 2,3 kW, 1NPE, 50 Hz
CW: R1/2" HW: R1/2"
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