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Griddle smooth Metos Diamante D72/10TFTE table top model

4343962 | Griddle smooth  Metos Diamante D72/10TFTE table top model

The Metos Diamante 70 D72/10TFTE electric grill table top model has a
smooth steel surface. The grill has the temperature of which can be
regulated between 110 °C...280 °C. The control panel has an indicator
light, which illuminates when the grill zone is switched on.
The grill surface is welded to the exterior of the unit and is recessed
by 40 mm, which provides a greater cooking surface and prevents dirt
from collecting between the exterior and the surface of the grill. In
addition, the grill surface can be inclined 10 mm to the front, which
allows grease to flow into the large grease trap.

Every detail of the strong, stylish and hygienic restaurant range series
Metos Diamante 70 has been planned as an efficient and functioning
solution, from pre-treatment to the preparation of the food itself,
without forgetting the need to easily clean the range. Diamante 70
series ranges are available as a table top model as well as with its own
cupboard, as single or multiple combined units, and are suitable for use
in small to mid-sized to large kitchens. Laser cut hobs allow for the
seamless joining together of units into cleanly connected islands or
lines in places of heavy use, such as ...


Product number4343962
Product nameGriddle smooth Metos Diamante D72/10TFTE table top model
Size mm (w * d * h)400 * 730 * 250
Technical information
400 V, 5,4 kW, 3NPE, 50/60 Hz
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