Dishwasher Metos ICS+ 333 R-L 400V3N~

4246225 | Dishwasher Metos ICS+ 333 R-L 400V3N~

- Rack conveyor dishwasher, contains energy-saving technology protected
by patents
- ICS+ programmes decrease usage of energy, water and chemicals up to
- ESE, (Empty Space Elimination) exclusively, only in Metos ICS+ rack
- ESE prevents washing and rinsing of empty space more efficiently than
any other saving technique
- Washer compresses the rack queue thus eliminating all empty space
- 99% idle running prevention in the wash zones
- CRT, (Constant Rinse Time)
- Constant rinse time 14 sec./rack whatever mode of use is chosen
- Chemical consumption isn't increasing when using lower capacity
- Rinse water consumption only 1,4 l/rack with every mode of use
- DTS, (Double Transport System)
- Rinse water is divided equally between dishes optimises final rinse:
savings in water, detergent and rinse-aid consumption
- Idle running prevention in final rinse
- Detergent saving system, dilution prevention up to 80%
- Automatic start and stop -function/process zone (Auto-timer)
- Double final rinse
- Very efficient heat recovery system
- Insulated tanks
- Environment and runnig cost: the lowest environmental impact the
lowest running cost during the life cycle.

- Capacity 250 ...


Product number4246225
Product nameDishwasher Metos ICS+ 333 R-L 400V3N~
Size mm (w * d * h)3455 * 697 * 1675
Capacity2min DIN time 190 baskets/h
Technical information
400 V, 80 A, 46,8 kW, 3NPE, 50 Hz
CW: 1/2" HW: 1/2" Drain: ø 50 mm
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