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Water filter cartridge Metos Bestmax S 428121110

4136521 | Water filter cartridge Metos Bestmax S 428121110

With BestMax water filter, the amount of particles and undesirable odors
and flavors decreases effectively, making the taste of the drinks the
best possible. As a benefit, the functionality of the device improves,
removes mud and particles, reliable lime protection.
The 5985-2394 litres capacity of the cartridge is calculated according
to water hardness of 2-5 °dH as well as the carbonate hardness of the
water as the valve bypass is set to the coffee machine according to the
recommendation 3.

- 5-stage filtration
- additional filtration with bypass water
- easy bypass setting
- easy locking for bypass setting
- highly efficient limescale protection
- additional filtration of bypass water
- easy and fast filter replacement process
- vertical or horizontal installation
- automatic water stop valve during filter replacement
- the same filter head for each type and size of the bestmax filter set

- connection hose 1500mm
- water gauge
- hot drinks testkit to determen the carbonate hardness and total
hardness of drinking water

Product number4136521
Product nameWater filter cartridge Metos Bestmax S 428121110
Size mm (w * d * h)Ø88 * 360/385
Technical information CW: 3/8"
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