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Blast freezer room Metos BF201 DP CR-1P PLUS

4240860 | Blast freezer room Metos BF201 DP CR-1P PLUS

- 20 x GN 1/1-40 or 10 x GN 1/1- 65
- roll-in model with isolated floor
- right handed door
- inner measurements ( lenght x depth x hight ) 670 x 850 x 1920 mm
- multi function control with clear LCD- display gives a full control over the blast chilling- and freezing process
- multipoint probe
- multipoint probe ensures an accurate chilling process by measuring the food core and surface temperatures
- recipe library, plenty of pre-set programs for different food materials
- possibility to program and save several customized blast chilling- and freezing programs
- pre-cooling button ensures static blast chilling- and freezing of food as soon as it is placed in the appliance
- possibility to adjust the air flow in the blast chiller during blast chilling- and freezing process
- after chilling process the machine automatically continues on the conservation phase
- stainless steel construction
- rounded inner corners helps the cleaning
- stated blast chilling- and freezing capacity kg/h is nominal, and cannot be achieved with all food products and circumstances
- for remote cooling, the cooling unit is not included in the delivery
- extraction capacity 5970 W ( - 25 / + 45 ° C )

- acc...


Product number4240860
Product nameBlast freezer room Metos BF201 DP CR-1P PLUS
Size mm (w * d * h)1200 * 1150 * 2230
Technical information
230 V, 16 A, 0,5 kW, 1NPE, 50 Hz
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